Holden Karnofsky


Holden is an unpaid advisor to METR. He previously co-founded and ran two organizations dedicated to effective charitable giving. The first, GiveWell, recommends a list of top charities for donors seeking to do as much good as possible via activities such as malaria prevention and nutrition supplementation in low-income countries. The second, Open Philanthropy, is the primary philanthropic vehicle of Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz (co-founder of Asana and Facebook) and is one of the largest philanthropic funders of AI risk reduction, biosecurity and pandemic preparedness, and farm animal welfare (among other things). Holden is now Director of AI Strategy at Open Philanthropy.

Disclosure: Holden is married to the President of the AI company Anthropic, and has a financial interest in both Anthropic and OpenAI via his spouse.